Endorsements Rolling In Fast

Did you catch Whoopi Goldberg’s video asking New Yorkers to vote for the Working Families Party line on Election Day? If not, check it out — it already has over 60,000 views on Facebook.

Whoopi’s video is just the latest in a series of endorsements that have been rolling in fast — here are just a few more:

The Nation: “The single best way to keep the pressure on Governor Cuomo and the Democratic Party to govern in the interest of the people is by voting on the WFP line.”

New York City Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito: “I will be voting on the Working Families line on November 4th.”

Assemblyman Karim Camara (Chair of the Black, Puerto Rican, Hispanic, and Asian Legislative Caucus): “A vote on the WFP line not only sends progressive leaders and caucus members to Albany but also strengthens the party’s political power so it can hold candidates to their promises after Election Day.”

Gloria Steinem: “Our votes on the WFP line help elect leaders who have promised to pass a full Women’s Equality agenda as well as a full range of progressive policies that affect every New York woman.”

Mike Boland (Zephyr Teachout’s former campaign manager): “On November 5th, progressives will wake up to one of two worlds: one with a strong WFP holding the governor accountable day in and day out, or one with a weak WFP where corporations and billionaires have even more power in Albany than they do now. For me, the choice between those two scenarios is clear.”

Other recent endorsements include: NYC Comptroller Scott Stringer, NYC Public Advocate Letitia JamesCongresswoman Nydia Velazquez The Amsterdam NewsThe Gay City NewsBertha Lewisdomestic workers’ advocate and recent Macarthur Genius Grant recipient Ai-Jen Poo… and to save you from scrolling through a really long email, I’ll stop there. But that’s really just the start.

Please, join them, join us, join together, and let’s make sure our movement and our party stay strong.

It all comes down to Election Day this Tuesday.

Take the pledge: I’ll vote for the full WFP line on Tuesday to help keep WFP strong.