Tell the Labor Committee: We need paid leave now!

Our workplace leave policies aren’t working.

The majority of workers don’t have access to any leave, and those who do often can’t afford to take unpaid time off. Too many workers’ lives are being thrown into turmoil when they got sick, or have to care for a family member.

No one should have to go through these terrible ordeals. That is why we’re pushing hard for a Paid Family & Medical Leave program in Connecticut that would give families some financial stability during an already difficult time, but we need your help.

On March 8th at 1 PM, the Labor Committee is holding a public hearing on creating a Paid Family & Medical Leave program. Write to the Labor Committee and tell them why they need to take action now.

Maybe you needed time off to take care of an elderly parent, but couldn’t afford it. Or you lost your job because you took time off to recover from an injury. Or you had time off to care for your new child, and can’t imagine what you would have done if you had to work full time. Whatever your situation, the Labor Committee needs to hear from you.

Corporate lobbyists are already lining up to oppose this bill. They don’t want to give up the control and power they have over workers.

That’s why your legislators need to hear from you. Take a minute to write to the Labor Committee about why they need to pass Paid Family & Medical Leave.

They need to hear your stories and experiences to understand that our workplace leave policies aren’t working anymore. The more people who submit testimony, the clearer we can make that point.