WFP4Bernie Update: All we do is win

Bernie Sanders wins Wisconsin!

#WFP4Bernie has been busy in the last week.
Wisconsin Working Families Party members getting the vote out for Bernie.

With the help of Wisconsin Working Families Party volunteers, Bernie Sanders won Wisconsin, 57-43. Check out WIWFP co-chair Peter Rickman firing up a crowd in Milwaukee before Bernie Sanders spoke:

Watch the video of Peter Rickman getting the crowd fired up!

Now, Bernie is set to start strong in the next major contest: New York!


#WFP4Bernie in New York!

We’re doing everything we can to make sure Bernie wins in New York.
From hosting major canvasses around New York…

Canvassers in Albany.

…to turning people out to huge big rallies in Albany and the Bronx…

Big crowd gathers to see Bernie in the Bronx.

…we’re making sure Bernie Sanders has the edge he needs to win a majority of New York’s 247 delegates and start him on the path to the nomination.

And, we’re not stopping in New York. We’re fighting for Bernie nationwide and people are starting to take notice.

#WFP4Bernie activists make the news!

The Nation reported on Bernie’s fight to win in Pennsylvania
— and how the reporter kept running into WFP activists.
Everywhere I go in Pennsylvania, I keep coming across the Working Families Party: in Lancaster, in Reading, even in Bethlehem, where the shell of the former Bethlehem Steel plant - once the second-largest mill in the country - now houses a hotel and casino complex owned by Republican donor Sheldon Adelson.

And the Nation reporter is not the only one to notice: #WFP4Bernie succeeds because of activists like you.

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Keep up the good work!


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