No Deal!

Maryland Working Families State Director Charly Carter rails into the Rawlings-Blake administration for trying to fast-track a sweetheart deal for the Port Covington area. One that awards billionaire CEO of Under Armour with millions of dollars, without any promises that Baltimore residents will benefit from it.

Read Charly Carter’s op-ed in the Baltimore Sun:

Mayor Rawlings-Blake wants you to believe this isn’t about choice, but it is. We either invest in neighborhoods that have been plundered for decades, or we invest in high-end development for the rich. The mayor, and anyone who stands with her on Port Covington, are making a choice for two cities. A choice to invest in building a city within a city for the wealthy, and a choice not to invest in neighborhoods that have been systematically denied access to quality education, transportation and jobs for years.

Read the whole op-ed here.