Breaking: NY GOP goes Full Trump

It’s official — New York State Senate Republicans are going all-in for Trump.

This is what Republican Senate Leader John Flanagan had to say at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland:

“I’m going to make this unequivocally clear. I’m supporting Donald Trump for president. I’m going to do so with grace, with diplomacy, with passion and with fervor.”1

Let’s be clear.

There is no way you can support a campaign based on racism, xenophobia, fear, and misogyny with “grace.”

There is no way you can support one of the most vulgar and uniquely unsuited and unqualified candidates ever to run for the office of President with “diplomacy.”

And there is no way you can credibly claim to represent our state if you fervently back a candidate who stands against so many of the values we all share as New Yorkers.

There is so much at stake in November up and down the ballot — including the fate of the Republican majority in the State Senate led by Senator Flanagan.

For years, Senate Republicans have been one of the main obstacles to progress on some of the issues working families care most about, like fair elections, the DREAM Act, reforming our broken criminal justice system, and fighting climate change. Now, they are showing their true colors by fully embracing a hateful, racist presidential campaign powered by fear.

We can’t let them win — and we don’t plan to.

Chip in $3 to defeat Trump’s friends in the Republican State Senate this fall and replace them with a Democratic-Working Families majority.

In Solidarity,

Bill Lipton
Working Families Party