WFP endorses Hillary Clinton!

With the support of 68% of our membership and the backing of our national board, Working Families Party endorsed Hillary Clinton for President! You can read our full endorsement statement on Medium.

Each year, Working Families Party members screen thousands of candidates for local, state and federal office to find out where they stand on the issues that matter most to WFP members.

We sent Secretary Hillary Clinton questions on the four issues identified as priority issues by WFP members in surveys over the last few months. She sent back her answers and you can read them here.

Check out some of the best coverage of our endorsement below:

The Nation – The Working Families Party Gives an Eyes-Wide-Open Endorsement to Hillary Clinton

By John Nichols

“WFP was an early, enthusiastic supporter of Senator Bernie Sanders’ campaign. He demonstrated the deep hunger of millions of Americans for a ‘political revolution’—a radical restoration of democracy and participation, an end to the oligarchic power of a wealthy elite, and a new era of economic, racial and climate justice,” explained WFP national director Dan Cantor. “But elections are about choices. And when we wake up on November 9th, either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump will have been elected President. We choose Secretary Clinton, as Bernie did. We make this announcement knowing we’ll need to work to hold her accountable to her campaign’s promises. But we need to elect her first.”

Washington Post – Working Families Party, a Sanders ally, will endorse Clinton

By David Weigel

“We’re extremely proud and happy with what Sanders accomplished,” Cantor said. “He’s endorsed Clinton for a reason: She was running to deliver on a progressive platform. We hold the same view as the senator. Some people disagree, sure, but the overwhelming majority of our members understand we can walk and chew gum at the same time. We can work to elect her, and we can hold her accountable.”

That message will be shared with every supporter of the party in a statement Tuesday explaining the decision. In part, it reads that a President Clinton will “be only be as good as we — social movements, unions, progressive activists, citizens and soon-to-be citizens — make her” and that the WFP will continue to make bigger changes “than what the Democratic Party or modern capitalism” currently allow.