Natalie Figueroa: WFP Superhero

Their eyes light up — a bright glint dancing across the irises.

That’s what it looks like when a child learns something they didn’t know before.

Have you ever been a tutor? In New Mexico, tutoring changed the course of Natalie Figueroa’s life and lead her to a decades-long career in teaching. Now she’s one of hundreds of Bernie-inspired progressive activists running for State Assembly across the country.

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Once Figueroa got a taste of educating, she couldn’t let go. Here’s how she describes it:

“I love working with young students especially — helping them learn new skills and grow more confident. I know it matters.”

Recently, New Mexico’s Republican Governor and Republican-controlled State House passed a budget that gave multibillion dollar corporations tax cuts on top of slashing funding for local schools. Natalie Figueroa knew she had to step up for her neighborhood.

She didn’t know that meant running her office at first. In fact, it was the parents, students and former students in her district that asked her to run, and then have rallied behind her.

Natalie Figueroa isn’t a politician like we usually think of them. But she gives us a glimpse of what we’d like a politician to be — someone who uses their talents and their passion to help others.

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Right now, Natalie Figueroa is in a crucial fight for New Mexico State House. Her opponent is the Republican Majority Leader — one of the architects of the budget that pilfered public schools to line the pockets of already rich CEOs.

Her victory could make the difference between whether or not New Mexico students can get a quality education that prepares them for the future. And if that’s not enough motivation, a Natalie Figueroa win will deal a powerful blow to New Mexico Republicans, and tilt the balance of power back to progressives.

She needs your help. Click here to pitch in $3 to WFP and Natalie Figueroa’s campaign.