New York: How to Vote WFP on Election Day


Here’s everything you need to get out and #VoteWFP on Election Day in NY:

1. Find your polling place and make your plan to vote. In New York state, polls are open from 6am to 9pm.

2. Learn who WFP has endorsed in your area. The Working Families Party has endorsed candidates up and down the ballot who have committed to fighting for working families. See our full list of endorsed candidates here.

3. Know your ballot. Working Families Party endorsed candidates will be on Line E on your ballot in New York.

Every vote cast on the Working Families Party ballot line counts the same for each candidate — but it also also adds a progressive punch by sending a message that you want candidates to fight hard on the issues that matter to you. It doesn’t matter what party you are registered in, anyone can vote on the Working Families Party line. For more on fusion voting in New York, click here.

Depending on where you live, your ballot may look like one of the below samples. Simply find Line E and vote down the line for candidates on the Working Families Party line:

votewfp-ballot-nyc votewfp-ballot-upstate

4. Show your support for WFP.
 Show your Working Families Party pride! Change your profile pic on Facebook or Twitter right now to show that you support New York’s progressive party: