Working Families: House Republicans Pitch #FakeBudget

Current budget proposals offer no real vision for the future

They promote austerity, not prosperity

In response to House Republican budget forum held on Tuesday, July 11, 2017:

Lindsay Farrell, State Director of Connecticut Working Families:

“Republicans campaigned in 2016 on lofty promises of job creation and economic growth. What they have delivered is far from it. They also promised to somehow accomplish this without any tax increases. Their budget proposals demonstrate that they could not hold their promises on both fronts. The only path forward that they promote is continued cuts to jobs, weakening vital services, and the chipping away of collective bargaining rights. Meanwhile, they hope to close the rest of the budget deficit with a series of cuts that will force backdoor tax increases on working families. This is not the vision and path to prosperity that Connecticut’s families need right now. Continued cuts like this don’t offer any economic growth and only hamper working families trying to make a living.”

“The Republican budget aims the burden squarely at working and middle class families across Connecticut. This not only includes damaging cuts, but various backdoor tax increases. For example, cutting the Earned Income Tax Credit effectively means raising taxes on Connecticut’s workers who can least afford it. Cutting revenue sharing from sales tax for local cities and towns leaves our local governments with little choice but to raise property taxes, again disproportionately impacting working families. Cuts to higher education would bring tuition spikes at a time when we are trying to hold onto our young millennials, while cuts to public education only result in increased property taxes.”

“This Republican budget proposal would hurt working families, introduce backdoor tax increases, damage the integrity of our elections, and fail to create jobs. They are well aware that their budget has no chance of passing and would rather not carry any responsibility in passing a real budget. They would rather continue to pitch fake budgets at the expense of the state in an attempt to build power ahead of the 2018 elections.”

“Legislators need the courage to step away from the race-to-the-bottom politics of drastic cuts, regressive taxes, and corporate subsidies. Connecticut now more than ever needs a real vision and a real path forward. At a time when we need to invest in vibrant urban spaces, qualify of life, and modern workforces in order to compete with our neighboring states, we cannot cut our way to prosperity. This will only make things worse, and we will end up returning to this disastrous discussion every two years when it comes time yet again to pass a budget.”