Volunteer for Progressive Heroes. I did!

Below is a guest post from WFP volunteer Sue Gibson of Jefferson City, MO on why you should volunteer for the Progressive Heroes 2017 project:

My name is Sue, and I’m a feminist, activist, and a volunteer with WFP’s Progressive Heroes 2017 project.

Like so many activists, I’ve been utterly dismayed since the election as Trump and the Republicans have tried to systematically dismantle hard fought gains of the progressive movement — like healthcare and environmental protections — while also sowing division, ginning up support for white supremacists, and attacking basic human decency.

It really has been that awful. But in an otherwise dark year, one bright spot for me has been the opportunity to work with the inspiring team of grassroots volunteers powering WFP’s Progressive Heroes 2017 project.

Instead of feeling powerless, I feel powerful — knowing that I am making a meaningful impact in the fight against Trump by helping elect amazing progressive candidates to local office. The supportive camaraderie among volunteers is uplifting, and learning new skills has boosted my confidence as an activist. And the best part is, I don’t even have to leave my home.

Will you join the movement that is working to elect progressive heroes to local office around the country? Sign up to join me and become a Progressive Heroes volunteer!

Living in Jefferson City, Missouri, I sometimes feel like I’m in an activist desert. But with the Progressive Heroes 2017 project, I’ve been able to reach voters in key districts through targeted peer-to-peer texting, helped with social media outreach, and provided support to on-board new volunteers.

Over the last few weeks, I’ve helped turn out voters to elect three progressive heroes who have gone on to either win their races, or place first in the primary. That includes LaToya Cantrell, who won her primary last week and could become the first woman to ever serve as New Orleans mayor, Vernetta Alston, a progressive and a queer woman of color who won her primary for City Council in Durham, North Carolina, and Randall Woodfin, who our texts and calls helped power to a shock victory against the two-term incumbent Mayor of Birmingham, Alabama.

I gotta say — I’m hooked!

There’s only 20 days until Election Day. Want to join in on the fun?

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