Tell Congress: No tax cuts for the rich!

This morning, Trump and Congressional Republicans finally released their tax cut plan. It’s just as terrible as predicted.1

Their plan would give huge tax breaks to millionaires and billionaires, paid for by slashing Medicare and Medicaid and even raising taxes on middle class families. No wonder a poll came out this week showing just 25 percent of Americans support it.2

Republicans are in disarray over this bill, so much so that they were forced to delay its release by a full day.3 But we know that cutting taxes for the rich is the one issue that can potentially unify them. It’s our job to stop them — and if we all work to defeat this bill, we will.

Can you call your representative in Congress now and urge them to oppose any bill that cuts taxes for the 1%? Click here to get started.

There are already real divisions within the Republican party on this.

Republican Senator Susan Collins said she would not support any plan that cuts taxes for millionaires.4 Some blue state Republicans in Congress are being put in an especially tight spot, forced to explain to their constituents how they can support a bill that raises taxes on middle class families through the elimination of the state and local income tax deduction. And others on the fringe right wing think the bill doesn’t go far enough in slashing Medicare and Medicaid.

With Paul Ryan, Donald Trump, and Republican leaders struggling to hold their party together, now is the time for progressives to show a united front against this massive tax giveaway to the rich.

We can defeat this bill, and we know how to do it. Just like we defeated Trumpcare, we need sustained action against the Trump tax scam. But it’s going to require everyone to do their part — from keeping the pressure on Republicans to making sure Democrats stand strong in opposition.

The 1% aren’t paying nearly their fair share in taxes. And yet all the Republicans can offer is more massive cuts for billionaires and corporate donors, paid for by slashing healthcare for the rest of us and raising taxes on the middle class. We’re saying: no way.

Can you join activists across the country who are taking action today and make sure your member of Congress hears from you? Call your representative right now and urge them to oppose this massive tax giveaway to millionaires and corporations — then report back and let us know how it goes.