Who wins, who loses under the #GOPTaxScam

Are you a winner or a loser under the Trump-Ryan tax scam bill? Answer the questions below to find out!

  • Are you Donald Trump or part of the 1%?1
  • Do you run a multi-million dollar corporation?2
  • Own a private jet?3
  • Or a pass-through company like a hedge-fund or lobbying firm?4
  • Do you make most of your income through investments?5
  • Plan to inherit more than $5.5 million next year?6
  • Or are you an oil tycoon that stashes corporate profits overseas?7

Congratulations! You get a tax cut under the Trump-Ryan Tax plan!

On the other hand if you…

  • Live in a high-tax state and use the state-and-local tax (SALT) deduction8
  • Are a current grad student who uses tuition waivers to help pay for your education9
  • Are a former college student and deduct your student loan interest10
  • Are a school teacher who purchases classroom supplies with your own money11
  • Are a public employee who can’t afford a pay cut12
  • Are a disabled veteran, food-stamp recipient, or long-term unemployed person who found work through the Work Opportunity Tax Credit13
  • Anticipate out-of-pocket medical expenses like hearing aids or costly prescriptions14
  • Use Medicare, Medicaid, or Social Security15
  • Are one of the 13 million people who will lose your health insurance under this plan16
  • Or make less than $75,000 a year17 …

You stand to LOSE under the Trump-Ryan tax plan while the 1% gains.

If you answered all of the questions above, chances are you’re going to be paying the price for the Trump-Ryan massive tax giveaway to the rich. And if you are, we want to hear your story.

How will you and your family be impacted by the #GOPTaxScam? Click here to share your story and help show the world the true cost of this horrible bill.

Republicans are trying to sneak through this tax scam before the public has a chance to understand what’s in the bill.

And for good reason: polls across the board show that the more Americans learn about what’s actually in the bill, the more they hate it.18

That’s not a surprise. Most Americans agree that the rich need to pay more, not less, in taxes.

But Congressional Republicans are ignoring their constituents and instead doing the bidding of their corporate donors — worried they’ll be cut off forever if they don’t pass this bill.19 So right after Thanksgiving break, they are going to try and force through this unprecedented tax giveaway to the top 1% through the Senate.

But with your help, we can stop this bill before it’s too late.

Once the Senate returns next week, we’re going to elevate the stories of real people who are impacted by the #GOPTaxScam. Click here to help us show the real human cost of the Trump-Ryan tax bill by sharing your story.


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