Our 2018 Endorsements

The Working Families Party is proud to announce our first endorsed candidates running for office in 2018! The Working Families Party endorsement is like a progressive seal of approval: it means these candidates can be counted on to fight for us on the issues that matter most, from fair funding of public schools and living wage jobs to ending mass incarceration and getting big money out of politics.

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Here’s our growing list of 2018 endorsed candidates across the nation:


Lauren Kuby City Council, Tempe
Genevieve Vega City Council, Tempe
Marcus Ferrell State Representative, District 24



Jovanka Beckles State Representative, District 15
Ammar Campa-Najjar U.S House, District 50



Lisa Widdekind Boulder County Commissioner
Carrie Lucas Windsor Town Board, Ward 5
Joseph Salazar Attorney General
Julie Gonzalez State Senate, District 34
Rochelle Galindo State Representative, District 50



John Kowalko State Representative, District 25



Anna Eskamani State Representative, District 47
Emma Collum State Representative, District 93



Stacey Abrams Governor
Debora Gonzalez State Representative, District 117
Tommy Valentine Athens/Clark County Commissioner, District 9



Kaniela Ing U.S. House, District 1



Brandon Johnson Cook County Commissioner, District 1
Alma Anaya Cook County Commissioner, District 7
Aaron Ortiz State Representative, District 1
Delia Ramirez State Representative, District 4
Chuy Garcia U.S. House, District 4



Ben Jealous Governor
Donna Edwards County Executive, Prince George’s County
Roger Manno U.S. House, District 6
Cory McCray State Senate, District 45
Sheldon Laskin State Senate, District 11



Mina Davis State Representative, District 8



Chris Giunchigliani Governor


New Mexico

Rick Miera Lieutenant Governor


New York


Click here to view the full list of New York WFP endorsements.



Mike Ellison State Representative, District 19
Kimberly Koops State Representative, District 11
Eric Burnette U.S. House, District 2
Jamie Mcleod-Skinner U.S. House, District 2
Deborah Kafoury Multnomah County Chair
Lynn Peterson Metro Council President
Shirley Craddick Metro Councilor, District 1
Christine Lewis Metro Councilor, District 2
Juan Carlos Gonzalez Metro Councilor, District 4
Sonya Fischer Clackamas County Commissioner
Pamela White Clackamas County Clerk
Nora Kent West Lane County Commissioner
Heather Buch Lane County Commissioner, District 5
Joe Berney Lane County Commissioner Chair
Kathryn Harrington Washington, County Commissioner, At-Large
Kimberly Culbertson Washington, County Commissioner, District 4



Greg Edwards U.S. House, District 15
Jess King U.S. House, District 13


Rhode Island

Aaron Regunberg Lieutenant Governor



Lee Harris Mayor, Shelby County



Randy Bryce U.S. House, 1st District
Sparkle Ashley Board of Supervisors, Milwaukee County, District 18
Marcelia Nicholson Board of Supervisors, Milwaukee County, District 5
Marina Dimitrijevic Board of Supervisors, Milwaukee County, District 4
Sequanna Taylor Board of Supervisors, Milwaukee County, District 2
John Tate II State Representative, District 66
Mandela Barnes Lieutenant Governor
Steven Shae Board of Supervisors, Milwaukee County, District 8
Jen Adamski-Torres Racine Alderman, District 6
Fabi Maldonado Racine County Board, District 2
Leah Schreiber Johnson Oak Creek Franklin School District Board of Directors