Working Families Archive : Page 6

Victory in St. Louis County!

This is incredible! You helped elect Wesley Bell — a reform candidate who has promised to end cash bail for low-level offenses, expand the county’s drug courts and diversion programs, and not pursue the death penalty by a huge margin! But that’s ... More

We can make history next week in Michigan

As the son of an immigrant from a working class background, a Rhodes scholar, and an Ivy League professor, Dr. Abdul El-Sayed is the embodiment of everything Donald Trump hates. And if ... More

Help us choose our champions!

We’re entering midterm season, and you know what that means: long hours in the campaign office strategizing, mobilizing volunteers to get out the vote across the state, and hard fights that hopefully lead to victory parties for crucial Oregon progressive ... More

Tell Congress: Join the Medicare for All caucus!

Seventy members of Congress just founded the first-ever "Medicare for All" caucus in the U.S House of Representatives.1 Up until relatively recently, anyone who called for Medicare for All was laughed out of the room in D.C. Now, thanks to you, ... More