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Fight back against voter suppression in Georgia

With Stacey Abrams now in the lead in the polls and on the cusp of becoming the first Black woman governor in America, Republicans in Georgia have decided that if they can’t win honestly, they’ll cheat.1 Just last week, the election board in Randolph ... More

BREAKING: Randy Bryce wins!

We did it! Randy “Ironstache” Bryce just won his Democratic primary in Wisconsin, bringing us one step closer to repealing Paul Ryan's Republican majority for good. This victory is huge: a union ironworker, cancer survivor, and Army veteran not only scared ... More

Victory in St. Louis County!

This is incredible! You helped elect Wesley Bell — a reform candidate who has promised to end cash bail for low-level offenses, expand the county’s drug courts and diversion programs, and not pursue the death penalty by a huge margin! But that’s ... More

We can make history next week in Michigan

As the son of an immigrant from a working class background, a Rhodes scholar, and an Ivy League professor, Dr. Abdul El-Sayed is the embodiment of everything Donald Trump hates. And if ... More