2017 Municipal Election Endorsements

The Connecticut Working Families Party has endorsed 58 candidates who will appear on the Working Families Party ballot line in 2017 municipal elections in 11 towns/cities across the state. WFP-only candidates are denoted. 

Endorsements have been issued in the following cities/towns and offices:


First Selectman: Matthew Knickerbocker

Planning and Zoning Commission: Thomas Borysiewicz and Silvano Senzamici
Planning and Zoning Commission (Alternate): Penny Kessler

Zoning Board of Appeals: Rebecca Hussey

Zoning Board of Appeals (Alternate): Cynthia McGuire

Inland Wetlands Commission: Laura Collins

Board of Education: Jenn Larsen, Lawrence Bocchiere III, Rick Magee, and Jen Ackerman

Board of Finance: Wendy Smith
Town Clerk: Lisa Bergh

Town Treasurer: Patricia Smithwick


City Council: Wanda Simmons (District 139)

Board of Education (all At-large): Howard Gardner, Shavonne Davis, WFP, and Joseph Sokolovic

Board of Selectmen: Irene Schein

City Council: Paul Sutherland (Ward 1), Dennis Perkins (Ward 1), Paul Rotello (Ward 6)
Town Clerk: Joan Bielizna (At-large)

Representative Town Meeting: Jennifer Hochberg-Toller (District 4),
Board of Education (both At-large): Jennifer Leeper and Jennifer Jacobsen

Board of Education: Shontá Browdy, WFP (At-Large)

New Britain
Mayor: Merrill Gay
Common Council: Bobby Berriault (Ward 4), Eva Magnuszewski (At-large), Richard Reyes (At-large), Yvonne Muniz (At-large), and Emmanuel Sanchez (At-large)

New Haven
Mayor: Sarah Ganong, WFP

New London
Board of Education: Alisha Blake, WFP (At-large)

Mayor: Harry Rilling

Common Council: Chris Yerinides (District A), Eloisa Melendez (District A), Hector Correa (District B), Manny Langella (District B), John Kydes (District C), George Tsiranides (District D), William Pappa (District D), John Igneri (District E), Thomas Livingston (District E), Barbara Smyth (At-large), Greg Burnett (At-large), Nicholas Sacchinelli (At-large), Douglas Stern (At-large), and Sharon Stewart (At-large)

Board of Education (all At-large): Heidi Keyes, Barbara Meyer-Mitchell, Sarah LeMieux, and Shirley Mosby, WFP

Mayor: Victor Funderburk
Town Council: Rose Reyes, WFP (Willimantic Voting District), Dennis O’Brien (Willimantic Voting District), Dawn Niles (Windham Voting District)

The Connecticut Working Families Party fights for investment in public education and infrastructure, against privatization, and for policies that lift up workers, women, immigrant communities, and people of color. CTWFP understands that creating a stronger economy and more just future means greater public investment, fair taxation, and the empowerment of local communities. All endorsed candidates are carefully vetted and interviewed on these priorities before a board vote.