Meet our National Staff

National Staff

Dan Cantor, National Director
Valerie Ervin, Senior Adviser

Rudy Blay, Controller
Mike Boland, Managing Director
Stephen Brown, National Canvass Administrator
Holly Clements, Human Resources
Joe Dinkin, National Communications Director
Dylan Easterday, Operations Manager
Gaby Guilmart, National Development Associate
Reuben Hayslett, National Online Campaigner
Amanda Johnson, National Digital Director
Jen Kern, National Issues Director
George Medairy, Data Manager
Nina Medvedeva, National Online Campaigner
Lionel Neptune, National Director of Financial Planning and Analysis
Sen Onishi, Bookkeeper
Jasmin Oppenheimer, National Field Director
Ericka Persson, National Online Campaigner
Kat Purcell, Fundraising Management & Accounts Receivable
Rafael Shimunov, National Creative Services Director
Brenden Stepien, IT Manager
Hannah Taube, Oregon Office Manager
Jason Youngclaus, Staff Accountant

State Directors

Charly Carter, Maryland State Director
Karly Edwards, Oregon State Director
Lindsay Farrell, Connecticut State Director
Bill Lipton, New York State Director
Analilia Mejia, New Jersey State Director
Delvone Michael, Washington DC Director
Brandon Evans, Pennsylvania State Director
Marina Dimitrijevic, Wisconsin State Director
Georgia Hollister-Isman, Rhode Island State Director