The Women’s Economic Security Agenda
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It’s 2016, yet women in Maryland earn about 86 cents for every dollar earned by men. African American women in Maryland earn only 70 cents and the gap is even larger for Maryland’s Hispanic women, who earn only 47 cents for every dollar earned by men.

At the same time, unpredictable scheduling practices create profound insecurity and instability for workers and their families. Workers cannot predict their hours or pay from day to day, make time for schooling or to care for children or family, secure a second job, take time off to take care of themselves or their children when they get sick or qualify for promotions to full-time employment.

Maryland Working Families is advancing the Women’s Economic Security Agenda (WESA) — a policy solution that ensures that workers have access to good jobs they can count on. We seek to empower women in a new and challenging economic climate, to promote women’s rights at the workplace, and secure fair wages, benefits and working conditions for women.

Do you agree it’s time to pass WESA and support fairness and equality for Maryland women and families?


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