Our nominations

In every election, WFP members will ask the candidates tough questions on issues that matter most — like jobs, healthcare and schools — and only support those who are committed to putting ordinary families first.

When you cast your vote this year, you’ll be able to see which candidates earned our support — no matter which party they’re from. They’ll have “Working Families” listed under their names — that’s our seal of approval, right on the ballot.

2018 Oregon Primary Endorsements


Val Hoyle Labor Commissioner
Eric Burnette U.S. House, District 2
Jamie Mcleod-Skinner U.S. House, District 2
Kimberly Koops State House, District 11
Mike Ellison State House, District 19


Multnomah County:

Deborah Kafoury Multnomah County Chair


Clackamas County:

Sonya Fischer Clackamas County Commissioner
Pamela White Clackamas County Clerk


Lane County:

Joe Berney Springfield Lane County Commissioner
Heather Buch East Lane County Commissioner
Nora Kent West Lane County Commissioner


Washington County:

Max Wall Washington County DA
Kathryn Harrington Washington County Commissioner Chair
Greg Malinowski Washington County Commissioner, District 2
Kimberly Culbertson Washington County Commissioner, District 4


Metro Slate:

Lynn Peterson Metro Council President
Shirley Craddick Metro Councilor, District 1
Christine Lewis Metro Councilor, District 2
Juan Carlos Gonzalez Metro Councilor, District 4


*As a minor party, our cross nominations in the 2018 general elections are decided in part by you- our voters. Our endorsements in the primary are limited, but if there are candidates you would like to see us support in your district this November, and you are registered WFP voter, we want to hear from you! Sign up for our email list or follow us on facebook for notifications related to our 2018 Caucuses!