Our Candidates

Working Families Party Candidates for November 2016

In the last year, Wisconsin Working Families Party helped local candidates win races across Wisconsin and we’re not stopping now. We’re taking it all the way to Madison!

Meet the Wisconsin Working Families Party-endorsed candidates for November. We’re working hard to elect these champions for working families. Together, we are bringing our populist-progressive agenda from the movements in the streets to the ballot box and the halls of government.

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Russ Feingold, U.S. Senate

Former Senator Russ Feingold is a progressive champion known nationwide as a leader and fighter for our values.  In the Senate he defended civil liberties, took courageous stands against war, and tackled money in politics.  And that’s just what he’s known for best.  Since his early days in Wisconsin politics, Russ steadfastly supported working people, like standing with unions, opposing job-killing trade deals and bringing the fight to Wall Street (before it was cool again).  Running against a Tea Party Republican, Russ has put a $15 minimum wage, stopping the TPP, taking on Wall Street, delivering paid family leave, and addressing college affordability at the heart of a populist-progressive platform.  With Russ Feingold back in the Senate, working families — from Wisconsin and across the country — once again will have a fighting leader taking up our cause.
Gwen Moore, U.S. Congress 4th District
Rep. Gwen Moore is a progressive shero!  She’s the first-ever African-American and second-ever woman to represent Wisconsin in Congress. From reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act to protecting year-round nutrition programs for low-income kids, from curbing predatory lending in neighborhoods of color to defending voting rights, Congresswoman Moore translates progressive values into legislative victories.  She’s running for re-election as a champion for a $15 minimum wage, closing tax loopholes that benefit Wall Street executives, and stopping corporate-friendly trade deals.  Gwen Moore represents Milwaukee, working people, and progressive values, and that is why we support her as our representative in Congress.
LaTonya Johnson State Senate 6th District
State Assembly Representative Johnson earned a promotion to the State Senate because of her leadership fighting for social, economic and racial justice.  A former childcare provider and union leader, LaTonya brought her experience as an African-American working mother to the legislature.  In the Assembly she has championed women, from defending reproductive freedom to advocating for paid family leave and childcare programs; fought for workers, defending unions and leading on living wages; and, tackled public safety challenges like criminal justice reform.  Soon-to-be State Senator Johnson stands with working families for a $15 minimum wage.
Daniel Riemer, State Assembly 7th District
State Assembly Representative Daniel Riemer earned re-election again, as he has ever since defeating a conservative Democrat in a 2012 primary to win the 7th District seat.  Daniel quickly distinguished himself as a thoughtful wonk digging into the details of policy and putting forward a substantive progressive agenda, particularly on healthcare and the earned income tax credit.  Representative Riemer stands with working families for a $15 minimum wage.
JoCasta Zamarripa, State Assembly 8th District
State Assembly Representative JoCasta Zamarripa, the first Latina elected to the state legislature and the first out member of the LGBT community in that body, is a fighter for social, economic and racial justice.  “Joey” leads the legislative work to win justice for Latinx and immigrant communities, working hard — and successfully — to build broad coalitions on policies like driver cards and tuition equity.  As a member of Assembly Democratic leadership, Representative Zamarripa helped build critical support for a “$15 and a union” community benefits agreement on the new Bucks arena development zone.  She stands with working families for a $15 minimum wage.
David Crowley, State Assembly 17th District
David Crowley brings a background as a community organizer, policy advocate, and legislative staff-person to a new role working for progressive values: State Assembly Representative.  In a contested Democratic primary, David won with hard work and a platform focused on a $15 minimum wage and tackling racial inequities.  
Evan Goyke, State Assembly 18th District
State Representative Evan Goyke earned re-election for his leadership on criminal justice reform, advocacy for Milwaukee in a body not always friendly to the state’s largest city and greatest concentration of people of color, and hard work organizing fellow elected officials behind the scenes for a progressive policy agenda.  As the chair of the Milwaukee legislative caucus, Representative Goyke helped build critical support for a “$15 and a union” community benefits agreement on the new Bucks arena development zone.  He stands with Wisconsin working people for a $15 minimum wage.
Chris Sinicki, State Assembly 20th District
Ranking Democratic member of the labor committee, State Assembly Representative Chris Sinicki has built a career — and formidable reputation — as a tenacious fighter for the working people of Wisconsin.  Chris speaks up loudly and righteously for the rights of workers, and digs into the legislative work needed to protect unemployment benefits and workers compensation.  She has been a leader in the struggles for labor, both inside the Capitol and in the streets, always standing up for workers and their unions.  Representative Sinicki helped build critical support for a “$15 and a union” community benefits agreement on the new Bucks arena development zone.  She stands with working families for a $15 minimum wage.
Jimmy Anderson, State Assembly 47th District
An activist and an attorney, Jimmy took on an incumbent Democrat in a primary who he did not believe represented the progressive values of their district — and won.  He inspired people with his candidacy, running on an unabashedly progressive platform.  Jimmy is poised to play a leading role in the Assembly fighting for progressive priorities.


We will look to recruit, train and endorse candidates for City Council and County Board around the state, as well as for State Assembly and State Senate. If you are a candidate who would like to seek our endorsement, please email State Director Marina Dimitrijevic at mdimitrijevic@workingfamilies.org.