Paid sick days in Jersey City!

Wednesday night saw a major victory for workers and residents of Jersey City. The City Council voted by 7-1 to make it the first city in the state to give its employees the right to earn paid sick time.

Passing this law took courage and vision. Can you thank Mayor Fulop for fighting for working families?

Say thank you to Mayor Fulop for bringing Earned Sick Days to Jersey City!

Jersey City is now the 6th city in the country to have passed this cutting edge (but commonsense) worker protection. The ordinance will make sure that 30,000 Jersey City workers no longer have to choose between getting paid and getting well. It gives workers real economic security, protects co-workers and customers from infection by contagious illness, and will strengthen the workforce that support’s the cities economy.

Mayor Fulop in particular deserves real praise for doing right on this one. Real progressive victories that benefit working families have been few and far between in New Jersey these last four years, and we should support the politicians who have the courage to stand up for New Jersey’s 99%.

Say thank you to Mayor Fulop for bringing earned sick days to Jersey City!