Failing Up

This is bad. Governor Pat Quinn just announced school destroyer Paul Vallas to run on his slate as Lieutenant Governor. It’s a huge mistake, but he still has time to change his mind. 

While Vallas ran the Chicago schools, I was a teacher and my grandchildren were public school students. He implemented high-stakes standardized testing, neglected our communities, cut funding for special education and began the pattern of sudden school closures that continues to this day. Paul Vallas has traveled the country bolstering his reputation as a “school turn around specialist,” but our children pay the price.

The last thing we need is to give Paul Vallas a promotion. Join me in telling Gov. Pat Quinn to reconsider Paul Vallas as a running mate. 

After he left Chicago, Vallas led school districts in Philadelphia, New Orleans, and Bridgeport, Connecticut. In each city, he left more of the same kind of damage; school closures, teacher layoffs, cuts to arts and special education, all while collecting fat paychecks for himself.

In Bridgeport, Connecticut, this fall, parents, teachers and community members stood together and threw him out, by electing a slate of progressive candidate who opposed Vallas’ corporate reforms. But now he wants to come back to Illinois — and Governor Quinn wants to welcome him!

I’m telling Governor Quinn: Pick a running-mate who hasn’t done so much damage to our communities.

Join me in telling Governor Pat Quinn to drop Paul Vallas as Lieutenant Governor.

Thank you for standing with me,

Gloria Warner
Chicago parent, grandparent and retired teacher
Action Now member