Paid sick days passes in Newark!

Today Newark passed a law that will allow every single worker in the city to earn paid sick days, just three months after Jersey City passed something similar. Now workers in New Jersey’s two largest cities will no longer have to worry about getting fired or missing a paycheck when they catch the flu.

It’s a huge win, and it’s the result of months of tireless work by Working Families activists and our partners and allies. Whether it was collecting and delivering 10,000 postcards from Newark voters in support of earned sick days, flooding council members’ phone lines with calls or firing back against scaremongering business lobbyists, we’ve been on the frontlines of this fight in New Jersey.

Here’s a great article in Slate on why this victory matters:

And speaking of progressives pushing and pushing harder until they win something, the nation’s biggest little news story comes from Newark, where the city council approved a bill to mandate paid sick-days for everyone who works in the city. The vote was 5-0; the victory took months. Labor and community organizing groups, most notably the New Jersey Working Families Alliance, lobbied the city council and offered up polls to prove that sick leave was popular. Right after the vote, New Jersey’s new senator praised his city.