The bumper sticker Chris Christie will hate

Even with subpoenas flying and people pleading the 5th left and right, Gov. Chris Christie would really like you to forget all about Bridgegate.

Yesterday his handpicked Chairman of the Port Authority, David Samson, apologized for the ‘inconvenience’ that delayed ambulances and mired schoolbuses in traffic for days on end – and they’d really prefer if that was the end of it.

We can’t let him sweep this scandal under the rug. That’s why we’re giving out these bumper stickers:

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Last October members of Chris Christie’s inner circle conspired to close four lanes of the busiest bridge in the world in an act of political payback. It was a reckless, stupid stunt and a stunning abuse of power.Christie claims he was ignorant of what his closest friends and advisers were up to and is now trying to “move on.”

But incompetence is no defense, so it’s up to all of us to hold him accountable. These stickers are a great way to keep Bridgegate on the minds of voters in New Jersey (and in primary states around the country).

Get them fast, because we think they’ll disappear as quickly as Gov. Christie’s presidential hopes.