Stop the Comcast-Time Warner Cable Mega-Merger

This week, the nation’s top two largest cable and internet companies, Comcast and Time Warner Cable, announced a $45 billion merger deal. It would create a monopolistic consolidation of corporate power that would make Darth Vader blush.

But the FCC and Department of Justice still have the time to stop this Mergerocalypse — if they hear from enough concerned activists and customers.

Sign our emergency petition to stop the Comcast-Time Warner Cable Mergerocalypse now!

If you’re a customer of either company, you know they can be the worst — unreliable products, price gouging, and virtually non-existent customer service. Imagine how much worse it could be if they don’t have any reason to compete for your business.

For all the House of Cards fans, this won’t come as a shock. Comcast is among the biggest corporate spenders on elections and lobbying in Washington, spending your cable bill to avoid regulation. [1] Comcast has also recently faced allegations of throttling Netflix speeds. [2]

And we deserve much better than we’re getting from telecom giants. America lags far behind the rest of the developed world in Internet service, speed and affordability. The profit-greedy telecom industry has opposed infrastructure improvement at every opportunity. If two of the worst and most incompetent cable providers consolidate their power, America’s digital divide will grow as we all fall farther and farther behind the rest of the world.

Oh, and your bill could go through the roof.

Tell the FCC and the DOJ: “This merger makes the internet sad.” Click here to sign our petition.

The fact that the FCC and DOJ are even considering such a merger shows just how out of control corporate power is in America today. If two corporations as exploitative as these ones are allowed to merge, can big bank, insurance or pharmaceutical monopolies be far behind?

Teddy Roosevelt would be rolling over in his grave if he heard about this. It’s time for some trust busting. Join us today!