What’s more powerful than a corporate lobbyist? You.

Last year, Working Families members, along with our allies, had a half-win on Connecticut’s minimum ct-ct-biz-work-advice-wage-jpg-20140315wage: together, we won an increase from $8.25 to $9 an hour. But let’s face it, $9 an hour still leaves workers in poverty. That’s still less than $19,000 a year — if you get full-time hours.

We think we can do better — that’s why we’re pushing to raise the minimum wage to $10.10, the same number President Obama called for in the State of the Union. And the state legislature’s Labor Committee is holding a public hearing on a bill to do just that on Tuesday. Lobbyists from big box stores and fast food restaurants are going to be there to bombard legislators with blather about how much it will cut into their profits.

But we know how to fight back: grassroots strength in numbers. The more the Labor Committee hears from you, the less influence corporate lobbyists have. Tell your legislator why Connecticut needs $10.10 an hour. Click here to write them your own personal note.

long-lines-for-gun-regis-jpg-20131230As a constituent, and a voter, your opinion matters to legislators. They care more about your opinion than some corporate talking points.

If the minimum wage had kept up with inflation over the last 40 years, it’d be $10.47 today. But it hasn’t, because large corporations like McDonald’s and Walmart would rather pay boardroom shareholders than the people who work in their stores.

When we stand up to corporate interests, we win. That’s what happened last year. We made the case that raising the minimum wage boosts the economy and lifts families out of poverty. Our legislators listened to us then. Let’s make sure they listen now. Tell your legislator why Connecticut needs a $10.10 minimum wage. Click here to write them your own personal note.