The Associated Press on the anti-Christie goundswell

Angela Delli Santi of the Associated Press has a great article on grassroots activism since Bridgegate broke, and features New Jersey Working Families prominently. The whole thing is worth reading, but here’s the key quote:

As his poll numbers slip, his second-term agenda stalls and questions about his viability as a 2016 presidential candidate arise amid the scandal, people and groups who oppose his policies or his politics want to make their voices heard.

“Christie has done his best to project a sense of normalcy” amid investigations into the lane closings and allegations of misconduct over the distribution of storm-recovery aid, said Rob Duffy, a spokesman for New Jersey Working Families, one group that has organized protests. “But his playbook is no longer working.”

“There is a tremendously diverse group of activists with various interests who are united by concerns over transparency and accountability,” said Duffy, whose group includes organized labor, which has fought the governor in the past.