Citizens United just got a new BFF

You’d think it was the Koch brothers’ birthday. rule_of_money

Today, the Supreme Court ruled on the McCutcheon v. FEC case to strike down aggregate contribution limits for campaign spending. If you thought Citizen’s United opened the floodgates for billion dollar donors, then this McCutcheon case was the time-bomb at the base of the dam. 

Now, one person could spend millions each election cycle donating to as many candidates and political parties as they want — and gain a tremendous amount of influence over a political party’s decisions. There’s literally no ceiling. 

There’s a solution that has already transformed politics in New York and Connecticut — public financing of elections. We’re working to bring public financing to other cities and states, but we need you to make it happen.  

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notforsale520With your help, Connecticut passed a state-wide small donor matching system and the results have been night-and-day: a governor leading the charge for raising the minimum wage and a legislature that passed paid sick days for the entire state. 

That’s the power of public financing: it helps us elect politicians who truly work for all of us, not just the wealthy and well connected.  

The only to beat back Big Money is to level the playing field with a campaign system where politicians court individual voters, not individual donors. We need public financing and we need you to get there.

Join the fight to bring fair play back to politics. Support public financing of elections today with $3.