Elizabeth Warren and I are fighting student debt. Live

I’m gripping my fists to keep my hands from shaking. And I’m whispering, “Just breathe.”

In two minutes, I will walk on stage and join Senator Elizabeth Warren to launch our new national campaign to combat the rising student debt crisis, Higher Ed Not Debt. I’m proud to stand with Elizabeth Warren, but she’s a tough act to follow!

The Higher Ed Not Debt campaign is dedicated to ensuring that anyone can access quality higher education, without being burdened by a debt sentence after graduating. Together with dozens of organizations, our goal is to support those already in debt while addressing the reasons why colleges are increasingly unaffordable.

Can you join Sen. Warren and me as supporters of the Higher Ed, Not Debt campaign to put an end to our student debt crisis? Click here.

Senator Elizabeth Warren has been a champion for students while in Congress. She grilled federal regulators and authored a bill to give students the same low interests rates as Wall Street banks.

I’m here because the massive pile of student debt nationwide effects literally everyone I know. My generation is graduating with college degrees in record numbers, often with few job prospects and a small mountain of debt to follow us for life.

At the same time Elizabeth Warren was fighting for low interest rates, I was organizing students in Oregon to find our own solutions. We came up with Pay-It-Forward, which passed approval for a pilot program. It’ll allow students to go to college tuition free and then pay a small part of their income fund the next generation of college students.

Today, the senator and I will stand together with several other organizations to work toward more solutions to tackle student debt. Will you stand with us, too? Click here to join Higher Ed Not Debt and together we can tackle student debt in America. 

I just got my cue. Time to join Senator Elizabeth Warren on stage. Wish me luck!

-Nelini Stamp