I just wanted the best for my daughters

Check out this powerful message from Working Families supporter Eileen Perlman from Chicago, Illinois

My two daughters, Amy and Jessica, graduated from one of the best colleges for business, DePaul University in Chicago. Today, they work in a nail salon and a day-care center.

As a proud mother, I did everything I could to make sure my daughters had the best chance of success — which included taking out student loans.
 My daughters worked hard, struggling through health problems, only to graduate in a stagnant economy with heavy loan burdens on all of our shoulders. And high interest rates make it almost impossible to pay down our debt.

New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand has proposed legislation to allow students to refinance federal student loans at a lower interest rate — something homeowners and businesses can do but my daughters can’t.

Will you join my family, Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, and Working Families to tell Congress to allow students to refinance their loan interest rates — and give graduates a chance to succeed? Click here to sign my petition.

Although my family is struggling, we know we’re not alone. While student debt tops $1.2 trillion dollars nationally, Congress has yet to make any meaningful changes or reforms. And they won’t — not until Congress hears from families like mine and yours.

This can’t continue, not for myself and not for my daughters. That’s why my family is joining Senator Kirsten Gillibrand and Working Families to push Congress to act now.

Click here to add your name to our petition demanding Congress allow refinancing of student loan interest rates.

Thank you for listening to my story. My family wishes you the best.