McDonald’s is starting to cave

McDonald’s shareholders aren’t getting their Happy Meals this week.sadronald

The mega-company revealed in official SEC filings that they may have to — gasp! — give their workers a pay raise. Now, I’m lovin’ it!

As much as McDonald’s PR team has tried to brush off nationwide strikes and protests, they’re actually running scared. In their own words, the “long-term trend toward higher minimum wages” and “increasing public focus on matters of income inequality” may result in them having to pay their employees more per hour. [1]

We’re winning! But we can’t stop now. We need to double-down and keep the pressure on McDonald’s and the rest of the fast food giants.

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Working Families members across the country are organizing in their local communities to raise the wage, whether McDonald’s likes it or not. Just today, Maryland’s House of Delegates just passed the Raise Maryland bill to raise the minimum wage to $10.10!

And we’re getting the media’s attention! Check out a few headlines on our campaigns:

  • Baltimore Sun: House Panel Approves Minimum-Wage Increase (Maryland) [2]
  • The Washington Post: Obama to Take Minimum-Wage Push to Connecticut [3]
  • Bloomberg Businessweek: Poll: Most in NY Back Locally Set Minimum Wages [4]
  • DCist: Coalition Kicks Off Effort for Minimum Wage Ballot Initiative (Washington, D.C.) [5]

With your support, we can keep moving forward and expand our campaign to increase the minimum wage in more states and cities.

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