Port Authority Chairman David Samson resigns!

Chris Christie, David SamsonAfter months of grassroots pressure from you and other Working Families supporters, Chris Christie’s right-hand man at the Port Authority, David Samson, has RESIGNED!

Think about it. Chris Christie came into 2014 with undeniable momentum. Three months in he’s seen his mandate disappear and just threw his closest adviser under a Port Authority bus to salvage what’s left of his presidential ambitions. If this is proof of anything, it’s that Chris Christie can be stopped.

David Samson was a key piece of Christie’s corrupt machine, and his name pops up right at the center of half a dozen scandals involving conflict of interest and abuse of power.

Together we’ve fought back, by:

Filing an ethics complaint against David Samson and took the complaint to a national audience on MSNBC.
Leading a protest against David Samson outside a meeting of the Port Authority.
Bringing protests and questions about David Samson to Christie’s town hall meetings. [4]

Samson’s resignation was a big win, but let’s be serious here: Christie will try and use it to hit the reset button on a terrible 2014 and get back to running for President.

Already Christie is crowing on national news that he’s been ‘vindicated’ by a new Bridgegate report — written by his own defense attorneys. This weekend he’s in Nevada to kiss the ring of casino-mogul Sheldon Adelson in the hopes of some SuperPAC cash for his presidential bid.

But as this win shows, Chris Christie is not unbeatable. We won’t let him skate away from the misdeeds of his Administration. We’ll dog his heels every step of the way — from town halls to fundraisers and beyond.