Why She Ran

New Yorkers have some unsettling company. When it comes to the percentage of women in the state legislature, New York ranks toward the bottom — wedged between North Carolina and Texas. [1]

New York should be at the top of the list. We’re taking on the challenge by organizing “Why She Ran” events around New York City to encourage more women to run for office.

Public interest has been huge — packed rooms, tons of questions. But we need to drive this conversation outside of New York City, in cities like Albany, Buffalo and Rochester. Can you help make this happen?

Click here to pitch in $3 to support programs like “Why She Ran” across the state. 

Women have the same chances of winning elections as men — but only if they run.

We’ve launched a progressive candidate pipeline project to find and train 1,000 progressive champions in New York to run for office in the coming years.

Let’s reach that goal together. Can you pitch in $3 to support programs like “Why She Ran” to encourage more and more progressive women to run for office? Click here to make a contribution.