School’s Cancelled – and it’s not for snow.

In chess, there are eight pawns. But in Albany tomorrow? Hundreds.

As a former teacher and Chair of the City Council’s Education Committee, I’ve never seen this before. But New York’s most controversial Charter School Executive Eva Moskowitz has reached a new low: tomorrow, she is planning to close all 22 of her schools and bus hundreds of students up to Albany to use as props. Pawns in a cynical political game.

It gets worse. Here’s why Moskowitz is canceling a day of school: to undermine and disrupt a lobby day meant to support Mayor de Blasio’s plan for universal pre-K.

It’s hard to stomach but it’s true: a self-styled educator pulling kids out of school and using them to stand in the way of a plan to improve educational opportunities for every child.

Let’s show Eva Moskowitz that kids should come before politics. Will you join me in standing with Mayor de Blasio and his plan for quality pre-K for every child in New York City?

Eva Moskowitz wants you to think her schools are just like any public schools when she is asking for free rent from the Department of Education. But a public school would never be allowed to close down for a day to send kids on a political mission. That’s why I’m holding hearings as Chair of the Education Committee to look into this decision.

Moskowitz is lashing out because the Department of Education refused just three of her eight requests for ‘co-location’ — that is, free rent from New York City schools. By shutting down schools to bus kids to a political rally, she is placing her own interests above the well-being of 4-year-olds.

Eighteen other charter school operators have rejected Moskowitz’s planned protest and come out in support of de Blasio’s plan for universal pre-K, saying “Tuesday is not a day to be divided.”

Moskowitz isn’t fighting for her students — she’s using them to advance her own narrow agenda. By closing schools and disrupting the push for universal pre-K, she and her hedge-fund backers are standing in the way of progress for all kids to further their own politics.

Sign here to stand with Mayor de Blasio’s plan for universal pre-K and show Eva Moskowitz what it really means to fight for our children.

In solidarity,

Danny Dromm
WFP Member and Chair, New York City Council Committee on Education