Raise the wage in your state!


Last week, Connecticut became the first state in the nation to pass a $10.10 minimum wage!

It’s a huge victory for Connecticut Working Families activists, who pressured their state legislators with petitions, rallies and thousands of phone calls. It’s also the latest marker of a groundswell demanding lawmakers raise wages, from California to West Virginia.

And it’s not just at the state level. Last November, the tiny town of SeaTac, Washington, home to the region’s airport, voted for a $15 minimum wage.

If we want to see the minimum wage increase in city halls and state capitols across the country, we need you to join the fight. Here’s how:

Can you start a petition to help raise the minimum wage in your state? Click here to create your own petition on the Moveon.org petitions platform to tell your local or state elected officials to raise the minimum wage.

Ever since his State of the Union address this year, President Obama has been calling on Congress to pass a federal minimum wage increase. He even signed an Executive Order, requiring federal contractors to boost their minimum wage to $10.10. But with the Tea Party in control in Congress, there’s little chance of a vote for a federal minimum wage increase.

That’s why we’re taking the action to the cities and states. And at the local and state level, just a few hundred petition signatures, or a few dozen phone calls or hand-written letters, can make all the difference. But we need your help to get started.

So what should the minimum wage be in your city or state? Should it be $10.10, like lawmakers in Connecticut just voted for? Should it be the $11.50 minimum wage recently passed in Washington DC, or the $12 minimum wage activists are proposing in California? Or even $15, like the brave fast food workers fighting for a fair wage have been demanding?

Can you take the first step and petition your state legislature to raise the wage? Click here to start your own petition.

Anyone can start a petition — it’s easy and it won’t even take five minutes. After you create your petition, we’ll send you an email with instructions on how to take the next step.