Keeping the Ethics Commission ethical

He made a phone call. He didn't shut down a bridge. He made a phone call. He didn’t shut down a bridge.

Fifty days ago we filed an ethics complaint against one of Christie’s closest friends and advisers, former Port Authority Chairman David Samson. We followed up with petitions, protests outside of Port Authority meetings, and pointed questions at Christie town halls. Less than a month later Samson resigned.

But we had heard nothing – not a word – about our complaint with the State Ethics Commission. The SEC itself has been a source of controversy lately. It’s supposed to be a neutral, independent watchdog for public officials. But Christie has stacked the Commission with friends and allies and appointed the last two executive directors from within his own staff.

We knew we had to act when we heard that the Ethics Commission was going to hold a meeting that didn’t address our complaint but that did pursue bogus, five year old charges against a union representative for the high crime of making a phone call.

We went to the Ethics Commission meeting in force with two objectives: justice for CWA Rep Dudley Burdge and answers as to where our ethics complaint against David Samson stood.

We got BOTH. The case against Dudley was thrown out and the case against Samson moves forward.

But the fact that it took the SEC fifty days and a protest at their doorstep to even acknowledge that they received our complaint against Mr. Samson and are investigating it shows we need to keep up the pressure. Join the call by signing this petition to the SEC.

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