UPS workers fight back!

Back in February, 250 UPS drivers in Maspeth, NY took part in a 90-minute demonstration to protest the unfair firing of their co-worker. Now, all their jobs are hanging in the balance.

UPS is retaliating against these unionized drivers. At first, they issued threats to fire them, now they’re following through with those threats and terminating small groups of the 250 drivers at random.

Click here to sign our petition to stand in solidarity with the drivers and tell UPS to stop retaliating against their workers.

So far, over 105,000 people across the country have signed on in support of the drivers. But the work is not done yet. UPS hasn’t stopped firing these drivers, even as we mobilized thousands of supporters to storm UPS CEO Scott Davis’ office phone and hundreds more online activists taking to Facebook and Twitter.

Hear the drivers in their own voices as they appeared on MSNBC’s NewsNation with Tamron Hall