Better Choices for New Jersey’s Budget

090A8378Today we joined with our partners in the Better Choices for New Jersey campaign to deliver a message to Trenton: four years of Christie’s budgets have people paying more, getting less, and looking for jobs that are nowhere to be found.

We’re far behind our neighbors in the region in recovering from the Great Recession. New Jersey has recovered only 38 percent of the jobs lost as a result of the global financial crisis, while New York has recovered 122 percent and Pennsylvania 81 percent.

Governor Christie’s singular focus cutting taxes for the rich and corporations have failed to deliver, and starved the state of resources it needs to invest in the assets that are the backbone of our economy. Christie’s proposed budget will do nothing to foster the growth New Jersey’s stalled economy desperately needs, and its lack of vision or ambition is another sign that he has no long-term plan to move the state forward.

This is a test of leadership for legislators. Will they go along to get along with Governor Christie, or will they fight for a real plan that invests in New Jersey’s future?

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