Securing rights for Sandy victims

SandyBillofRightsIn May the New Jersey Legislature unanimously passed a bipartisan bill to help fix the Christie Administration’s disastrous Sandy relief process.

Appallingly, Governor Christie vetoed it. Now, some legislators are running scared from Chris Christie and threatening a massive flip-flop.

NJ Working Families has joined together with allies like the Housing and Community Development Network of NJ and NJ Citizen Action to demand legislators stay true to their votes and put the victims of Hurricane Sandy first.

Join the fight and demand your legislators vote to override Christie’s callous veto. 

The Sandy Bill of Rights would force the state to be upfront about application requirements for Sandy aid, allow applicants to track their aid applications online, and give applicants a clear reason for why their aid requests were denied or put on hold. It will also help ensure that aid is distributed on the basis of need and not politics.

You would think a commonsense law like this would be a no-brainer, and just weeks ago Democratic and Republican legislators seemed to agree. The passage of the Sandy Bill of Rights was a powerful moment where both parties came together and acknowledged that our recovery efforts have failed too many home and business owners.

Governor Christie’s veto was unconscionable, but not surprising. He has repeatedly used his veto powers to block or gut good bills that the majority of New Jerseyans support. But his veto isn’t absolute. If two-thirds of the legislature comes together and votes to override, the Sandy Bill of Rights will be the law of the land no matter what the Governor says.

The only reason the legislature hasn’t been able to override his vetoes of popular bills like the minimum wage and the millionaires tax is because Republican legislators are more afraid of Christie than they are of voters.

This one’s different. The cowardice and hypocrisy of Republican legislators is on full display — and they’re getting called on their impending flip-flop publicly.

Tell your legislators to override Governor Christie’s veto of the Sandy Bill of Rights!