Not. One. More.

This month, a first grader died after falling ill at Jackson Elementary in Philadelphia. Because of budget cuts philadelphia-school-proteststo Philly schools, there was no school nurse on duty to provide emergency care — she visits only once or twice a week.

What’s worse — this young boy was not the first child to die in a Philly school without a full-time nurse on duty.

Governor Tom Corbett and the School Reform Commission control the funding that pays for school staff like nurses and counselors. Instead of investing in protecting and supporting our children, the School Reform Commission is putting them in danger with down-to-the-bone budget slashing.

PA Working Families is calling for a citywide referendum this November to abolish the School Reform Commission and restore local control of Philadelphia schools because we can’t lose another child this way. Will you join me tomorrow at 10 am at City Hall to demand local control for our schools? Click here to let me know you’re coming. 

Can’t make it? I understand. You can show your support by adding your name to our online petition for Philadelphia schools by clicking here.

Philadelphia schools have been struggling to survive under Gov. Tom Corbett’s School Reform Commission. Not only have they laid off thousands of teachers and school support staff, they also stripped parents and the local school board of having any say or control over public schools.

Not anymore. We’re standing up — and fighting back! PA Working Families gathered 40,000 signatures for a referendum for local control of Philly schools. Tomorrow we’re delivering them on the steps of City Hall with parents, community leaders and lawmakers.

We can’t fail another child. Join me tomorrow at City Hall to say “not one more!” Click here to let me know you’re coming.

If you can’t make it, you can show your support by adding your name to our online petition. 

Our hearts go out to the grieving family who lost their child.

Not. One. More.