Guess who’s back?

BIG NEWS: the Independent Democratic Conference in the New York state Senate is breaking with the Republicans to form a new progressive majority coalition with the Senate Democrats!senate

This is huge. Republican control in the state Senate has been the biggest roadblock to every progressive goal, from public financing of elections to raising the minimum wage to the Women’s Equality Act. With this new coalition, the Republicans should be headed back to the minority.

But even with the IDC on our side, we still need to win in November. At this point, we’d be holding on to the majority by a thread — a projected one-seat margin. We can’t afford to lose a single seat.

There are three progressive Democrats in swing districts elected with the help of Obama’s 2012 wave. Holding those seats will take real work. There are also three formerly Republican held open-seats that could be ripe pick-up opportunities to expand the majority.

We need to start raising the money to run competitive races in all six of those seats starting now. Can you contribute $3 to elect a progressive majority in the State Senate?

We’ve only gotten this far because of you. Not even a month ago, the WFP joined a new coalition that NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio has called “historic.” Together with Governor Cuomo, Mayorsenator jeff klein by Ms. White2010 via flickr 031814_0 de Blasio, and dozens of labor and community organizations, we’re fighting for a Democratic-Working Families majority in the State Senate to pass a progressive agenda. Today’s big news is the first sign that this coalition is working.

But it’ll take a lot more work to get to that progressive vision we’re dreaming about. And there’s no doubt that the billionaires and bankers and the right wing forces will spend big to stop this from happening. They’ll pour untold millions into New York State Republicans to stop us from putting New York on a progressive path.

We know that people power can beat big money — if the people step up. That means you.

Can you chip in $3 to help win a Democratic-Working Families majority Senate and a progressive vision of a New York that works for all of us — not just the wealthy and well-connected?