Legislators reject Christie’s budget

For the last six weeks working families around the state have been calling on their legislators to block Governor Christie’s attempts to cut to property tax credits, cancer research, transit and pensions for teachers, firefighters and other public workers.

And they heard you! This week the Senate and Assembly leadership proposed plans to balance the budget by ending Christie’s disastrous tax cuts for the wealthy and corporations instead of hurting the middle-class. Now we need to push these proposals over the finish line.

These proposals are exactly what New Jersey needs. Ending tax hikes for the top 1% and raising taxes on big corporations. Stopping payment on wasteful subsidies to financial giants like Citigroup and Goldman Sachs. It’s what we’ve been fighting for.

Of course the plans are already getting major opposition from corporate lobbyists and special interests. The 1% have been the only winners in Chris Christie’s New Jersey, and they don’t want to let go of the tax breaks and subsidies they’ve enjoyed for the last four years.

If we want to pass a budget that works for working families, we need to keep up the pressure:

Tell your legislators to pass a budget that makes the wealthy and corporations pay their fair share.