Victory in Maryland primaries!


Jimmy Tarlau, Democratic candidate for the House of Delegates in District 29 (Prince George’s County) at the launch of Maryland Working Families.

What a night for Maryland Working Families! In just our first year endorsing candidates, seven of our progressive champions won their primary elections!

  • Clarence K. Lam in District 12 (Baltimore and Howard counties), a physician and health care policy analyst who used his Segway to engage the maximum numbers of voters in his district.
  • Eric Ebersole in District 12 (Baltimore and Howard counties), a longtime math teacher whose family organized and ran a disciplined campaign with the help of student interns.
  • Cory McCray in District 45 (Baltimore City), a union organizer and progressive rising star who bucked the machine politics in his district and ran an inspirational campaign for almost 18 months.
  • Jimmy Tarlau in District 47A (Prince George’s County), a longtime union organizer who is effectively using his 40 years of progressive activism to win a seat in the House of Delegates.

Maryland Working Families also endorsed successful incumbents Del. Kris Valderrama in District 26,  Del. Cheryl Glenn in District 45 and Sen. Victor Ramirez in District 47.

We’re bringing a whole new class of progressives closer to Annapolis and we’ve got plans.

We’re establishing a Progressive Caucus to organize support for progressive legislation and act as a voting block to elevate the voice of working families in the General Assembly. Led by influential incumbents and our first class of Working Families candidates, the Progressive Caucus will stop the rightward drift of Democratic legislators.

Maryland is heavily Democratic, but that doesn’t always mean progressive. During this past legislative session, an estate tax cut sailed through the General Assembly in less than a week – but a modest minimum wage increase took all we could muster and saw opposition not just from Republicans, but also from many prominent Democrats.

For the primaries, we focused on races where our support would make the biggest difference. Each of our candidates ran smart campaigns buoyed by support from Maryland Working Families, including a canvass that engaged more than 5,500 voters.

Establishing the Progressive Caucus is just the first step — we’re also going to expand the caucus through our new Progressive Leadership Pipeline that will to identify, train and run progressive candidates.

Stay tuned!