Detroit Water Shutoffs

Image: Protest Advocate Water Access Is Basic Right, After City Of Detroit Starts Cutting Service

The Detroit Water and Sewage Department (DWSD) has cut off water to thousands of residents who can’t pay their bills. National and local media attention focused in on the issue after an official statement from the United Nations called out the American city for violating basic human rights.

Soon after, Working Families, along with a coalition of other advocacy groups wrote a joint petition targeting these unethical shutoffs. The petition quickly gained over 100,000 signers and thousands of thirsty residents, retirees (whose pensions were cut in Detroit’s bankruptcy), and our coalition of activists took to the streets last week in protest. Fortunately, our voices were heard, and the DWSD suspended shutoffs for 15 days. Now, we have little over a week to make sure the DWSD stops shutoffs for good and restores running water to Detroit residents.

If you’d like to find out more about the protest, or the DWSD’s motivations for cutting off the water, read this engaging MSNBC article.

On the ground at the protest, we shouted tirelessly with support from those 100,000 signers who had our backs. Even if you can’t be at the next rally, your support by taking a couple minutes to sign this petition will make a huge difference.