Happy Birthday, Paid Sick Days!

bday share graphicOn July 1st, 2011, exactly three years ago today, Governor Malloy signed an historic bill into law. Connecticut became the very first state to guarantee paid sick time off for hundreds of thousands of workers.

But in the years since, corporate lobbyists have tried to gut our landmark Paid Sick Days program.

Take a minute to sign our birthday card supporting a strong paid sick days program in the years to come, and share it with your friends and family. 

We know that Paid Sick Days are working! Workers no longer have to choose between their paycheck and their health. Food servers and cooks won’t spread illnesses to their coworkers, or customers, because they can afford to take a day off. Janitors can take their sick child to the doctor without worrying about finances.

We’re setting an example, and cities around the country are following suit: from New York, Newark, and Jersey City to Seattle and Portland.

The more people learn about this successful policy, the safer it will be from corporate attacks.

Join us in wishing Paid Sick Days a Happy Birthday! Sign our virtual card now, and share it with your friends and family.