Working Families Endorses Governor Malloy

malloy uawThe Connecticut Working Families Party has endorsed Governor Dan Malloy for reelection. Over the past four years, Governor Malloy has been critical to important victories for working and middle class families and the unemployed. Thanks to the leadership of Governor Malloy, Connecticut has become a national leader when it comes to economic justice:

  • We became the first state to guarantee paid sick time off to hundreds of thousands of service industry workers. These workers no longer have to choose between their health and their job. Several cities across the country, from New York City and Newark to Seattle and Portland have followed our lead.
  • We were the first state to raise our minimum wage to $10.10 an hour. Everyone who works should be able to afford the basics, and this raise brings us closer to that point.
  • We were one of the few states to balance the budget by asking the super-rich to pay their fair share instead of cutting essential services.
  • While some states eliminated workers’ rights to collectively bargain, we expanded that right to more workers. Governor Malloy signed executive orders granting State Childcare Workers and Personal Care Assistants the right to negotiate for better working conditions and wages as a group.

ballot-malloyA vote for Dan Malloy on the Working Families Party Line, Row C, gets added to his total vote count. It also sends a message that you want him to take a stand on important issues affecting hardworking people. It is a protest vote that actually counts.

Governor Malloy deserves a second term to continue building on the momentum of his first term. Vote for Dan Malloy on the Working Families ballot line on November 4th.