Announcing our 2014 nominees!

This has been a huge summer for Oregon Working Families. We are now over 10,000 registered party members strong and growing! In July, we visited every congressional district in the state and met with our members to choose our nominees for the 2014 November election. We had the largest number of candidates in our party’s history seek out our nomination and we are proud to announce a whopping 59 nominations!

Working Families nominees are candidates that have a strong commitment to fight for working Oregonians. With the party’s nomination comes the Working Families name on the November ballot, as well as the support of our grassroots, activist base.

Among the nominees is Gov. Kitzhaber, who is running for re-election. Kitzhaber is a strong advocate for the party’s priority issues, tackling the student debt crisis with the Pay it Forward program and improving wages and benefits for working Oregonians.

“I accept the nomination of the Oregon Working Families Party, and look forward to working with their members to build a better future for all Oregonians. We will fight to rebuild a strong middle class and renew our commitment to equity and opportunity for all, creating quality living wage jobs, with benefits, and the educational pathways that lead to those jobs,” said Governor Kitzhaber.

The nominations were made following our 2014 Nominations Statewide Caucus meetings where registered Oregon Working Families Party members evaluated the candidates. Among the nominees were some new faces like Rob Nosse who is representing House District 42, in Portland and Paul Evans who is running for House District 20 in Salem.

“Given my back ground in the labor movement, having this nomination means a great deal to me personally and politically. It lets voters know very clearly where I stand. It tells them that will make the lives of working people better.” -Rob Nosse

“I am excited to be nominated by the Oregon Working Families Party. I welcome the opportunity to work in common cause on increasing the Minimum Wage, providing certainty for people seeking health care, ensuring equal pay for equal work, and securing retirement for workers after a lifetime of labor.” – Paul Evans

There are also some stalwart champions like House District 42 representative Alissa Keny-Guyer, in Portland.

“I am honored to be nominated by Working Families. I have loved working together on our aligned issues: ensuring that families have pathways out of poverty by promoting affordable higher education, living wage jobs with paid sick leave and a sustainable economy that works for all working families!”

In 2012, the Oregon Working Families Party made nominations in 47 races, of which 35 candidates won. We are excited to kick-off the 2014 election season with a roster of champions that will help working families in Oregon win big during the 2015 Legislative session.

2014 Oregon Working Families Party General Election Nominees

 Candidate  Office
Tom Johnson House District 3
Darlene V Taylor House District 4
Peter Buckley House District 5
Paul Holvey House District 8
David Gomberg House District 10
Phil Barnhart House District 11
Scott Mills House District 18
William (‘Bill’) Dalton House District 19
Paul Evans House District 20
Brian Clem House District 21
Wanda Davis House District 23
Ken Moore House District 24
Chuck Lee House District 25
Eric Squires House District 26
Jeff Barker House District 28
Susan McLain House District 29
Joseph Gallegos House District 30
Brad Witt House District 31
Ken Helm House District 34
Jennifer Williamson House District 36
Ann Lininger House District 38
Brent Barton House District 40
Kathleen Taylor House District 41
Rob Nosse House District 42
Lew Frederick House District 43
Tina Kotek House District 44
Barbara Smith Warner House District 45
Alissa Keny-Guyer House District 46
Jessica Vega Pederson House District 47
Jeff Reardon House District 48
Chris Gorsek House District 49
Shemia Fagan House District 51
Stephanie Nystrom House District 52
Alan C. Bates Senate District 3
Floyd Prozanski Senate District 4
Lee Beyer Senate District 6
Sara Gelser Senate District 8
Peter Courtney Senate District 11
Ryan Howard Senate District 13
Chuck Riley Senate District 15
Andrew Kaza Senate District 16
Elizabeth Steiner Hayward Senate District 17
Richard Devlin Senate District 19
Jamie Damon Senate District 20
Michael Dembrow Senate District 23
Rod Monroe Senate District 24
Robert Bruce Senate District 26
Jeff Merkley Statewide
John Kitzhaber Statewide
Jodie Barram Deschutes County Commissioner
Diana Dickey Marion County Commissioner
Danny Jaffer Polk County Commissioner
Sal Peralta Yamhill County Commissioner
Suzanne Bonamici Congressional District 1
Peter DeFazio Congressional District 4