Congratulations to the primary winners!

To all the candidates who won their primaries and made it through to the general election last night: congratulations!

We’re particularly proud of the candidates we endorsed who worked so hard to win their races. In all, we backed 7 candidates, and 6 of them won last night.

In two of the most watched primaries of the night, Working Families backed candidates prevailed: Marilyn Moore, challenged sitting State Senator Anthony Musto, and State Senator Eric Coleman faced a challenge from Hartford City Council President Shawn Wooden. Both faced very difficult, very close races. Both came out on top.

In other races, Betsy Ritter, the sitting Representative in the 38th Assembly District, advanced to the general election to represent the 20th State Senatorial district. Linda Orange, Chris Perone, and Bruce Morris all kept their seats in the State Assembly.

We’ve spent the last several weeks working on behalf of these candidates, and we’re geared up to help them win in November.