Paid sick days: Coming soon to a city near you

The New York Times just broke the news about a big new campaign to improve the lives of New Jersey workers and their families. We’re teaming up with grassroots partners on an unprecedented effort to pass local laws in half a dozen cities around the state that would give people working in those cities the right to earn paid sick days so they can care for themselves or their family in the event of an illness.

Success will make passage of a statewide earned sick days law practically inevitable — and make our state a leader in the national fight to make earned sick days a basic workplace right.

Can you chip in $5 to help us bring earned sick day laws to a city near you?

Here’s why it matters: over 1 million New Jerseyans can’t earn a single paid sick day to use when they or a family member falls ill. For these workers, getting fired is as easy as catching the flu — and that isn’t right. No one should have to choose between their health and their paycheck, and every worker should be able to earn time to care for themselves or their family when illness strikes.

Last year New Jersey’s two largest cities passed earned sick days laws, and Working Families activists were front and center of the fight to make it happen. This year we’re going beyond Jersey City and Newark to pass local laws in six more cities around the state. By November we expect to have covered nearly 12% of the 1.2 million New Jerseyans who lack the basic economic security earned sick days provide.

In some of these cities we’ll engage with bold elected leaders to get the job done. In others we’ll be taking our case directly to voters for the November ballot. By the end of this effort, over half of the cities with earned sick days laws in the U.S. will be in New Jersey. That will not only make our state a leader in this fight, but also build powerful momentum for a statewide bill that covers all of New Jersey’s workers.

Workers deserve the right to earn a decent wage and not have to worry that a sudden bout of illness will cost them their job. Join the fight to make New Jersey a fairer place to live and work.