Sick and fired?

You’re running a fever and your head feels like mush. But instead of going to the doctor, you stuff tissues in your pocket and hope for the best.

This is the reality for 40% of Americans who can’t earn paid sick days. Without paid sick days, getting sick is all it takes to get fired.

It is unacceptable that the United States is still the only industrialized country that won’t give workers the basic protection of paid sick days. Together with New Jersey Senator Cory Booker, we are working to change that by pressuring Congress to guarantee the right of workers to earn paid sick days.

Join our petition with Sen. Booker calling on Congress to pass the Healthy Families Act and allow workers to earn paid sick days to take care of themselves and their families.

Everyone gets sick. And just like working families need fair wages to pay for groceries and rent, they also need to know that a case of the flu won’t cost them their paycheck or their job.

Working Families activists and allies have been fighting — and winning — paid sick days for workers city by city in New York, Jersey City, Newark, Portland, and Eugene. The New York Times recently profiled our campaigns in New Jersey, where we’re pushing for local paid sick days ordinances in 6 more cities.

The lived experience of these cities has proved our point: Everybody benefits when workers can earn sick paid days.

Families are healthier because they no longer face the impossible choice between getting well and getting paid. Communities are healthier because people aren’t taking their germs to work or school with them. And local businesses are healthier because employees are more productive, committed, and loyal.

Congress has all the evidence it needs that paid sick days work and that working families demand them. But we can’t win without your support.

Sign our petition with Senator Cory Booker urging Congress to pass the Healthy Families Act now.